Выживание в условиях стагнирующего рынка
14th & 15th of May 2015
Москва, Россия

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mainImg 7th Annual Banking Innovation Forum
Innovation as an Essential of Surviving on Fast Changing Market
April 16th & 17th, 2015
Vienna, Austria

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mainImg 11th Annual Global Microfinance Forum
Achieving dual objective and supporting inclusive and sustainable development
19th & 20th of March, 2015
Istanbul, Turkey

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mainImg 3rd Annual Corporate Treasury & CFO Forum for Russia & CIS
Эффективные Стратегии Управления Корпоративными Финансами
12th & 13th of March, 2015
Moscow, Russia

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mainImg European Compensation & Benefits Forum
Strategies to Attract and Retain Talent in a Demanding Business Environment
5th & 6th of March, 2015
Vienna, Austria

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mainImg 4th Annual Insurance Claims Management Conference
The Future of the Transformed Claims Experience
22nd & 23rd of January, 2015
Berlin, Germany

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mainImg 2nd Annual Travel Insurance Forum
Develop Innovative and Cost Efficient Solutions in Changing Markets
4th & 5th of December, 2014
Prague, Czech Republic

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mainImg Factoring and Commercial Finance Forum
Develop despite the difficult economic environment
27th & 28th of November, 2014
Vienna, Austria

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mainImg 5th Annual Bancassurance Conference in Russia & CIS
Применение эффективной структуры банкострахования для роста доходов
20th & 21st of November, 2014
Moscow, Russia

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24.10.2014 - Conferences
EAFLA 2014

On 23rd and 24th October Uniglobal, hosted our 2nd Annual European Air Finance & Law Assembly in Frankfurt, Germany.

This was a very well received event and was an excellent opportunity for some of the industries leading minds to connect. It was a great 2 days of knowledge sharing and information gathering.

The 2 day event was chaired by Philip Perrotta of Kaye Scholer law firm, who excellently lead the event from the opening morning, he was incredibly knowledgeable regarding the subject matter of every speaker and the industry and initiated many thought provoking discussions throughout the 2 days.

The Assembly focused mainly on financial and legal areas from within aviation as well as having some excellent presentations from some of the biggest airlines, manufacturers and associations.

Uniglobal would like to thank the Chairman, The speakers and the delegates for taking such active roles in this year's event and especially the speakers for delivering such informative presentations for our audience.

We look forward to seeing you all again next year!

16.10.2014 - Conferences
4th Annual Central Asian & Caucasus Microfinance Forum

On 16th and 17th of October 2014 Uniglobal hosted "4th Annual Central Asian & Caucasus Microfinance Forum" in Tbilisi, Georgia. This was a very successful event, and an excellent networking platform where a big number of experts in microfinance industry had a chance to interact and share experiences and strategies. The 2-days event was chaired by Paul Randall, Chairman of the Board at Creditinfo Georgia, who lead the event successfully and gave an excellent overview of the market and initiated a lot of interesting discussions.
The forum focused on the overview of microfinance activity, raising foreign capital investment, improving access to financial services and innovative financial services. The industry leaders' presentations enabled the participants to have an insight into the microfinance processes.

Uniglobal team would like to thank all participants for taking active role in this conference, the speakers for delivering insightful up-to-date presentations and sponsors and partners for their support.

We hope to see you all next year!

09.10.2014 - Conferences
5th Hospital Management Conference

The 5th Annual Hospital Management Conference had place in Vienna during 9th and 10th of November 2014. UniGlobal has the chance to create an multicultural interchange for hospital management professionals.

We managed to create an event with the most important people at the hospital industries and they were able to share new tendencies in their countries and evolutions and perspectives of each one.

The first day of the conference was introduced by the Chairman Alberto Sanna, form San Rafaele Institute , Milano Italy, we enjoyed the discussion and we closed the session with a panel discussion about the Healthcare Cost Containment, Medical Innovation and Future Challenges and Opportunities.

The second day we started with two speakers conference talking about the Retooling Leadership, after we enjoyed the interactive lunch and we closed the session and the conference with two speakers more and many discussions and questions.

From UniGlobal team, I would like to thank all the participants and speakers for strong participation, interest and good feedback, to our sponsor to make it possible and to the chairman to conduct the conference with good rhythm, good support and better remarks.
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Factoring and Commercial Finance Forum

Develop despite the difficult economic environment
27th & 28th of November, 2014
Vienna, Austria



The forum was very interesting and the topics were relevant for my job role.

IT Product Manager e-Business, BAWAG P.S.K., Austria



Мне очень понравилось мероприятие. Надо сказать конференция превзошла мои ожидания. Я очень надеюсь, что в будущем у нас получится еще вместе поработать. Так держать! Удачи! \n\nI liked the event a lot! The conference surpassed my expectations. I am looking forward to our further collaboration. Keep going! Good luck!

Treasurer, Russia&CIS


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